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Pre Healthcare Bridge

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training


The CNA Training will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for a growing career in the healthcare industry, including in-home healthcare, nursing homes, hospitals, or clinics.

BRIDGE: a structure or path taken to get from one side of a barrier to another.

ABE Marshall Region, SW Private Industry Council and MN West Community and Technical College work together to provide CNA Training.


The Bridge was developed to give the students a starting point and a path to follow to make sure they get the assistance needed to be successful in the training.

Each student is given a packet of forms and information needed to prepare for the training. This procedure also includes some Assessments that help us to determine any educational "barriers" that exist. By working with the instructors and doing some online projects, these barriers can fixed.

Each student, with the exception of those who are "Self Pay", will be working with a Navigator from the Priviate Industry Council. The Navigator provides assistance with personal and financial barriers.

Each student must complete the list of tasks from the checklist below you will need to finish before the end of the CNA Training.

The following presentation explains the process to follow for the pre-healthcare bridge

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