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Racial Equity in Adult Education Grant

Project Background

     The goal of the Racial Equity Grant is to design, conduct and report on an analysis of racial equity within the state adult education system, utilizing a racial equity lens that also includes and acknowledges other marginalized identities (including but not limited to: disability, gender, sexuality, immigration status, socioeconomic status) and considering both qualitative and quantitative means of gathering and interpreting data. 


     Based on the findings, the team is to make recommendations for the state and program level on how to better support equity efforts. The team is also to coordinate with the adult education Professional Development Committee to determine what ways PD could be utilized to enhance equity efforts. 

Meet the Team!

Grantee / Project Lead:

See Moua Leske, Program Manager of SW ABE


Project Assistant:

Addy Wolbaum, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistant 



Dr. Rose Wan-Mui Chu, Plum Blossom Strategy, LLC

Kaija Bergen, International Institute of Minnesota 


MDE ABE Points of Contact:

Jodi Versaw, Adult Education Program Quality Specialist

Astrid Liden, Adult Education Professional Development Specialist

Meet the Team

Survey Findings


This project resulted in 3 surveys to capture the different perspectives within ABE: 


  • Administrator / Management

  • Educator / Staff 

  • Adult Learners (including a revised survey for students residing in the Department of Corrections) 

Survey Findings

This is an ongoing project, and changes may be made to the current survey findings. 

More Info

View a snapshot of the Administrator & Educator results below:


Administrator Infographic 


Educator Infographic

View Survey Findings and Recommendations below: 


Administrator Survey Findings and Recommendations


Educator Survey findings - coming soon 

Learner Survey findings - coming soon 

More information is to come. June 2024 marks the end of this 3 year project. 

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