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Web Conferencing Services-Adobe Connect

What does it do? 

Well what web conferencing means for ABE is dual purpose.


The lesser of which is that this tool can be used to help staff who are widespread across a consortia to actually have meetings with other staff.  CEUs or just meeting weekly about what each teacher is doing.

The biggest thing adobe connect does for us though, is it’s ability to teach students various subjects inside the comfort of their home, classroom, or community center such as a library.  A teacher can log in, set up a link and students click the link and download adobe connect to whatever device they have (bigger screen devices preferred). Once they log in, they can hear their teachers instruct them live (or recorded), the students also can talk back with microphone linked devices.  They can otherwise chat in the chat box to the teacher in adobe connect. The big thing this means for ABE programs is that Adobe Connect is a way to capture contact hours (not proxy) even when a student is far from the programs’ available classrooms. This tool can be great for One room schoolhouse teachers, an aid for traditional one subject teachers who just want to capture a wider audience using adobe connect as “hybrid-teaching” classroom.  What I’ve really enjoyed about using adobe connect is even if I just teach my students in the class. If I use adobe connect I can record that lesson and students who missed that class can go on at their leisure to catch up and not feel they missed out on the lesson. What I’ve also started to coordinate is an ability to get the most qualified teacher helping our students. If a teacher isn’t comfortable with teaching math/science then another teacher who’s licensed in that field can help them.  Or vise versa with a teacher who isn’t comfortable teaching lower esl (because with teacher help to set, lower esl students could utilize the microphone and a teacher can work on speaking/listening skills via adobe connect!)


Also of note, Adobe connect is an online application that works on computers, chromebooks, tablets/ipads, android/google/apple smartphones as well.  


    As I’ve worked with adobe connect over the past year.  I’ve gleaned one final piece of advice I can give you, Adobe Connect  (more accurately web conferencing in general) potential is only limited by your imagination.  

What does it do?

More Information, Contact:

Matt Fischer; ABE Web Conferencing Specialist/SW ABE Marshall ABE Instructor


See Moua-Leske; SW ABE Marshall Director 

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