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  • Education has found itself in a stagnant state for several decades in rural Minnesota

  • Filling the Employments Needs in the Community


Individuals in Marshall MN created a grass roots program called the "Marshall Adult/Youth career Training", bringing together partners from multiple spectrums of the community to provide vocational/technical training in an integrated setting for high school students, college students and adults.

Current Career Trainings: are CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and Welding

By combining resources, in this case students, we could keep the classes full

A curriculum match results from local employer needs/business needs.


Program that provides vocational/ technical training in an integrated setting for high school students, college students and adults from all socioeconomic levels.

MN West charges the same if a class is full or half full. The maximum class size is 15 students. So the goal is to always have a full class.

Identify an initial curriculum that is attractive with a high probability of post-employment or a pathway to further education

Outcomes - Impact

Students, Adult and Youth, who lacked a vision for their future, are finding a direction/pathway to pursue.

Adults appreciate the perspective of the youth and the 

youth state they act more mature with the Adults.

In the workplace, co-workers will span the generation range. By creating this environment in the classroom, both the adults and students learn to accept and adapt to the differences that come with the age gaps.

Personal Statements from
Scott Monson, Marshall Public School Superintendent; 
Terry Gaalswyk, MN West President
Juanita Lauritsen, WorkForce Director
Adult & Youth CNA Training 
2016 Summer Institute Presentation
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