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Kim Lippert

Two years ago, while I was teaching in the Ridgewater College Agriculture Department, I met this rockstar of a teacher named Linda Howard. Her enthusiasm for her job as an ABE teacher for the Renville County Jail was infectious, and I didn't forget it. Last spring, I ran into Linda again, and learned she was interested in reducing her hours to spend more time with family. When she learned I would be retiring from my position at Ridgewater, the wheels were set in motion. We now share a position at the Renville County Jail. After 36 years of working in a postsecondary setting, the transition to working in ABE has gone pretty smoothly. And that's due to See, Linda, and the RCJ staff--they have all been great to work with. My husband, Dan, and I farm near Blomkest,MN, and are blessed to be able to see our three kids and their families often. We have 5 grandchildren, ages ranging from 2 months to 5 years. Dan and I look forward to more opportunities for travel and spending time with grandkids.

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