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It's time to make presentations.

We are down to ONE MONTH now, and we are at approximately $2,500 out of our goal of $15,000

Presentation Options:


1. Do the presentation yourself; there are levels of formality possible.

2. Ask someone to assist you (contact Connie, Darwin, Michelle, Kristi, Paulette for starters)

3. Invite one of us to do the presentation




1. Your church or faith group

2. A book club, exercise or walking group, golf friends, volunteer group, Bible study or women's circle, music group

3. People at work, if your job location approves

4. Volunteer organization 

5. Your neighborhood

6. Your relatives


How...? We have lots of tools available for you now


See the attachments below:

    - How to Make a Presentation

    - Double Summary (for you to run off and make copies)

    - Example of what Darwin is submitting to his church for their monthly newsletter

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