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Marshall/Redwood CNA FastTRAC Program is a class that has two parts:


The first part is the Pre-CNA which can be done online at home, or online at our ABE locations.  This part is filling out Forms to get you started for the CNA class.  It includes two online courses for you to complete: LearnerWeb and SkillsTutor.  LearnerWeb covers what CNA students need to know before starting the class, how medical offices work, and leanr the computer skills needed to be a CNA.


The Second Part is a CNA class that is 80 hours in it's entirety which counts for 3 college credits.  This course length varies, it can take as little as two weeks, or as long as 6 weeks to complete.  Depending on what times work with that particular class.



Very First Step


The MARCS Form


A MARCS Form Example

Okay so you've started... 
Here's some more Forms!


Below is an instructional Video to help you fill out the rest of the forms.  We highly recommend starting with the video to help you fill out the form and what to do next.


[Video Link Here]






Career Scope


MN Works and Creative Job Search Instructions


Create a Resume


ABE Registration


MN West


WorkForce Application


Consent For Release of Private Information

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